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Step 2: Our Process

The Discovery

We’ll ask you lots of questions to discover the business needs for your website and online presence. By doing so we’ll have a target which enables us to aim for what you’d really like to accomplish together. As we work through the process be prepared to delve into the specific reasons we’re embarking on this project and the results you’re expecting.

The Sitemap

After gathering all the pertinent information for your website, we’ll create a visual sitemap. This will help you see the structure and organization of the website and it assists with getting everyone who’s involved with the project on the same page so we can communicate effectively. 

The Prototype

Instead of trying to explain all the technical stuff to you verbally, we’ll build an actual prototype that’s interactive so you can view it in a web browser and take it for a spin. There will be no real design or customization at this point, but you’ll get an idea of what we can do for layout, and it’ll get us to the real thing quicker.

The Design

In the design phase this is where we get to do our geek thing! This is where the fun and excitement happens as we design and customize your interactive prototype with your branding and we watch it come alive.

The Delivery

Once the design and layout are finalized, we go into testing mode to ensure everything is plugged in and working properly before launching your new website for the world to see.

Let's Do It!

Getting a new website is exciting for you, but it’s also exciting for us. If you’re ready to make this happen, then let’s get going! Use the button below to complete our project application.

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