Web Services

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Whether you're starting from scratch with no website currently or need an upgrade to a new mobile responsive website, you're in the right place. Web design is the most popular of our web services to help promote small businesses online.  We're happy to create a website for you  to improve your online presence and bring you more leads and customers. Businesses that provide only one product or service can get away with a minimal website having just a handful of pages. Businesses that provide many services would do much better with a specific page for each type of service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you have some competition out there and want to rank better? It will likely require both on-page (your website) and off-page (elsewhere on the web) search engine optimization, another of my web services specialties. Additional optimized content is often needed and can take on many forms. Content can consist of text and images, videos, podcasts and more. The important thing is that it's done correctly and consistently. Basic on-page SEO is included with web design and development services.

Web services include the website auditWebsite Audits

Do you have a website that doesn't seem to be bringing you the leads or clients you'd like from the web? Maybe you'd just like to have a general health check done on your website. Website audits are an important part of understanding the big picture and can be very enlightening. Just as it's recommended to have annual visits to the doctor for our own health, it's a good idea to also keep up with the health of your website on a regular basis. Some suggest performing an audit every year for large or very active websites. And if you're noticing a decline in search rankings or number of visitors, there could be an issue with a recent search engine algorithm change that needs to be uncovered and corrected.

Web Services - Website Maintenance

Websites should not be treated like once-and-done projects. Think of your website more like a living, breathing entity that needs tender loving care on a regular basis to be safe and secure, grow with your business and stay up to date with  technology.  A Website Care Plan provides peace of mind that your website is being looked after, maintained, kept secure and is backed up in the event of a catastrophe. Choose from a variety of plans from the bare minimum such as backups, security and theme, plugin and core software updates to more in depth packages that include regular monitoring, on-going search engine optimization, content updates and more.