Barry Farms tree farm website - Harwinton, CT

Tree Farm Website in Harwinton, CT

The owners of Barry Farms, LLC had a do-it-yourself farm website that wasn’t making a difference for them. They asked us to build a new WordPress website for them with the goal of having it launched before the Christmas season started. Barry Farms is a Christmas tree farm and they also make wreaths and many other beautiful holiday decorating items by hand.

The Approach

We got together and decided on their website design and layout to showcase their hand-crafted products. Bob asked for some help with writing content for the site. We wanted to meet him at the farm so we could have a first-hand experience of the place. We interviewed him and got started writing his story. Once we got the ball rolling, and they could see what we were looking for, his wife took over with some of the writing and gave it just the right touch by bringing out more details of Bob’s lifelong desire to have a tree farm. Given the seasonal retail aspect of the business, and the fact that they wanted the website to work for them to bring in more business, we added search engine optimization to all their most important web pages.

The Result

A month later, during the website’s first Christmas season, they were inundated with phone calls. They actually asked us if there was some way we could reign it in!

While at the farm I purchased a few wreaths for family members and hung one outside my home’s front door as well.  If you want a fresh wreath that lasts all through the season without dropping a needle, you need to visit Barry Farms. They open the day after Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention how nice the fresh evergreens smell?

review of farm website by Barry Farms

Visit the Barry Farms site to see the holiday focus of their tree farm website and as well as a variety of their hand-made holiday decorations. 

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