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Travel blog website for Karen Gilston is the Funny Girl writer and photographer

Travel Blog Website – Burlington, CT

Karen Gilston is the Funny Girl Travel Blog writer and photographer. We met at a networking luncheon meeting for women. After the meeting she approached me about building a travel blog website for her. She told me that as a child looking through her grandmother’s National Geographic magazines she developed a strong desire to travel. She wanted a place where she could share her travels, give advice about the places she’s visited, showcase her photography, and provide a bit of entertainment. Karen had already begun to tell about her Washington DC trip, and being a Brit with a plethora of British expressions, she had me doubled over in laughter within a few minutes.

The Approach

Karen was already finding her niche with her humorous stories but I’m not sure she realized it. I made some domain name suggestions and she loved Funny Girl Travel Blog so that’s what we used. A very talented photographer with an affinity toward architecture, Karen had many of her professional photographs on the web already. We pulled her Instagram images into the travel blog website and connected her Facebook and LInkedIn pages. We also provided image links to her photography website so visitors could see more of her awesome photographs. We spent some time together getting her up to speed with how to use her new WordPress website. She also needed some direction with search engine optimization so she could build some fundamentals into her writing. After a session of SEO consulting she had the basics and was ready to write.

The Result

Karen is thoroughly enjoying writing for her blog. She’s getting more and more subscribers through her RSS feed and email subscribe options, and she continues to write blog posts that are entertaining yet full of great travel advice. Check out her Washington DC post to find out how she handled a very unusual situation in the elevator of a nice hotel. She’ll never do that again!

Travel Blog review by Karen Gilston

Visit the Funny Girl Travel Blog for travel information and a good laugh.

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