Stump grinding website showing work in Burlington, CT back yard

Stump Grinder Website – North Granby, CT

Express Stump Grinding Service, LLC is based in North Granby, CT and has been in business since 2002. Rick, the owner, was not happy with his original stump grinder website which was built by a large marketing company. He was looking forward to getting a new online home base. The website didn’t feature him or any of his equipment and was impersonal. And his domain name had a typo in it!

The Approach

Rick, “the stump grinder dude”, has a sense of humor and wanted to inject some of that into the copy. I supported that idea and he ran with it as I guided him in writing his content. Rick had no social media presence so we got him set up on Facebook, integrated it to his stump grinding website, and asked that he write a post every so often to keep it active. He gathered some images and I helped him by being at one of his jobs to take pictures and video.

The Result

Rick really likes how the new website design portrays his business and his personality. The contact form and tap-to-call phone numbers give his visitors an easy way to get in touch with him to schedule estimates. Rick did a great job of explaining the many reasons to remove stumps and he provided a lot of helpful information for his visitors.

Visit the Express Stump Grinding website. 

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