Neighborhood Watch Band from Middletown, CT - band website

Rock Band Website in Middletown, CT

The Neighborhood Watch Band came into being after four neighborhood friends started jamming together and playing for their neighborhood block parties. Playing at many different venues, they became popular in the local area and wanted a band website so groupies and other visitors could find out where they were scheduled to play.

The Approach

Setting up an event schedule was the highest priority. We felt it was also important to share their history and backgrounds so visitors would know something about the band and make a connection. Song lists  were added so that visitors would know what type of music they played. Their social media platforms were also integrated into the website design.

The Result

A responsive website that portrays the band’s history and includes video clips and sample song lists of music they play. The band member in charge of the website updates the schedule of upcoming events himself. The public can now easily find out where they’re playing and attend their events.

Visit the new online home of the Neighborhood Watch Band. 

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