Amy B Rodriguez Therapy mental health website with sunflowers

Mental Health Website – Torrington, CT

Amy B Rodriguez Therapy – After years of social work including working in a mental health clinic and more recently at an out-patient clinic at a hospital, Amy B Rodriguez was ready to start her own practice in Torrington. She needed a mental health website to get the word out about her business. Amy is a mother of two and specializes in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She also sees patients for post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. Some of her patients enjoy doing “Walking Therapy” with her.

The Approach

Being Amy’s first business and first website she was glad to have some guidance with the process. Given she was just starting out she didn’t have a large marketing budget so I suggested she find some stock images she’d like to use, and she did a great job writing her own copy. Ever since she was a child she’s loved sunflowers and wanted to use the cheery yellow color of the flower on her home page. Basic on-page search engine optimization was built into the web pages and Amy did a bit of her own off-page SEO.

The Result

Amy’s mental health website was on page 1 of the search engines for her specialty in record time. She informed me in October 2018 that her caseload had gotten so large that she had to drop her in-home services and move her office to a better location.

Visit the Amy B Rodriguez Therapy website.

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