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Financial Planner Website – Torrington, CT

Barron Financial Group, LLP is an independent and objective wealth management company in Torrington, Connecticut. They approached me because they were looking to replace their developer. For the most part, they liked their original financial planner website but wanted the ability to make updates to their website themselves. They also wanted to implement two blogs so they could share their Market Quarterly and Financially Speaking newsletters on their financial website.

The Approach

The original website development was done in a way that did not allow them to make updates themselves. And the site was not structured properly for search engine optimization. Webscape Design developed a totally new WordPress website, replicating the original site, so they would have a content management system (CMS) that was easy to use and update. Once the original financial planner website was replicated, the new blogs were added and were rolled out with the last year’s worth of their two newsletters.

Barron Financial Group's financial website
Replication of the original website.

The Result

Before the replication began the first task was to purchase and install an SSL certificate to ensure encryption of data input into contact forms by visitors. The last thing a visitor wants to see when going to a financial website is that the site is not secure! The replication of the website was not without its challenges, but it came out very nicely, and unless you owned or developed the site you’d never know it was a different website.

The original site loaded very poorly taking 6.7 seconds and, with a performance score of 42%, was graded an “F” by Google. The new site loads in 1.8 seconds and has a performance score of 76%. There’s still room for improvement, but loading 3x faster and in under 2 seconds impresses the search engines because it’s a good user experience. Webscape Design also maintains the website so they can stay focused on what they do best, helping their clients plan for the future and managing their investments.

Review of financial website by Barron Financial Group

The subsequent revision shown at the top of this page was completed five years later.

Visit the Barron Financial Group site to see the full financial planner website design. 

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