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Counseling Website – Farmington, CT

Nancy Martin, LMFT is “The Good Therapist” per her article in the Farmington Valley Fall 2018 issue of Seasons Magazine. As a marriage and family therapist, Nancy helps people work through their issues and concerns from her Farmington office which overlooks a tranquil river setting. During the summer Nancy approached Webscape Design about getting her first counseling website to help spread the word about her services. She was especially interested in portraying her specialty in working with clients on the Autism Spectrum in which she’s had great success with clients.

The Approach

We met with Nancy to determine the services she most wanted to promote on her new website. A sitemap and prototype were drafted and we got started on the website design and development. There were several delays in receiving her content, but we were very close to launching the site in early October. A week later we received an urgent call from Nancy who told us that her Seasons Magazine article was just published! She was in a panic because she had already received a couple phone calls as a result of the article and she had used her new website address in the article but had no website at this point. We didn’t want Nancy to miss out on any business so, although the site wasn’t quite finished, we launched the site right away then added the magazine article to the home page later that day.

The Result

Nancy is thrilled with her new website and online presence. A lot of her business comes in by word of mouth, however, even when someone is referred to a business it’s pretty likely that they’ll do an online search for the business. The new counseling website gives Nancy’s business a professional presence on the web and showcases her services and specialties. Nancy has the keys to her shiny new website so she can make updates as she desires. Her website Care Plan covers the essential maintenance tasks such as software updates, backups, security monitoring and more so she can concentrate on what she does best.

Visit the Wellness Counseling website.

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